@neauoire a Bedordshire archivist on the same topic...


... I wrote for Bruce Stirling’s “Dead Media Project” in 1995. Those essays are archived, but the original site of the DMP is dead media itself.

Online is fast and far and futureless. Anything I want to endure my lifetime or longer I put on paper. As someone who puts words on paper, I get to help define the 20th / 21st Century to future historians while every bit of the internet is lost. Praise “Bob”!

@neauoire one note I'm missing is ensuring your domain stays up.

1. Keep your domain registration up to date. For something you rarely need to access, it's easy to forget to update it with your latest (email) address, phone number or other contact info.

2. Ensure renewal fees get paid.
- Auto-renewal? Keep your payment information up to date.
- Use a prepaid solution like Paypal? Ensure it's topped up.
- Manual payment? Set reminders.

3. Use annual reminders to check it actually got renewed.

@neauoire I like what this page says except for the WebP recommendation. WebP has been shown to be only a minor improvement over JPEG when an advanced compressor like mozjpeg is used. So maybe consider sticking with JPEG for conservation and also compatibility with older software, which is always nice to have and has only a marginal cost in this case.

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