I've been super sick these past couple of days, I might spend the next couple of days in bed too :(

@neauoire Oh no! Hope you'll feel better soon! Are you back on Pino?

@neauoire courage 🖤 i've also been in bed for the past two days, reading books with a fever & a throat ache.

about to give the expanse a second try due to yr raving about it in berlin :~

@cblgh @neauoire get we soon you two. :)

The Expanse is pretty dang great in parts

@neauoire how do you manage to get healthcare and stuff living on a boat?

@ekaitz_zarraga @neauoire also interested and might forget to check the thread later

@ekaitz_zarraga @neauoire Our situation doesn't permit much in terms of healthcare. When we get sick we pay out of pocket. When we return to Canada late this year it should be easier.

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