The modern programmer is more likely to sacrifice significant amounts of runtime processing power for a shorter development cycle.

@neauoire This is wonderful writing and amazingly relevant nearly 20 years later. Thanks for sharing!

@neauoire I'm not sure I'm totally on board with the part about compilers only doing a better job than humans because of the complexity of the underlying architecture, but the rest is a revelation.

As an example, the free-thinking that led to colorForth is inspiring. It's the complete inversion of syntax highlighting as most of us know it, and it makes such perfect sense!

@neauoire Same for storing pre-processed source - while it does increase the threshold for writing an editor, it opens up so many possibilities (like input methods other than "plaintext via a keyboard").

The entire concept of pushing work backwards in time (from compilation back to editing, from editing back to design, etc.) is something I'll try to internalize and meditate on.

@neauoire only today it's the Management instead of the programmer, very often.

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