@karlicoss @neauoire Based on my short experience, the culture around Arch and NixOS is basically “if it ain’t broken, break it”. Which is kind of cool but not for the faint of heart with deadlines to meet.

@mmin @karlicoss @neauoire I definitely like the *idea* of #NixOS / nix-in-general, but my forays over there from #Debian-land have been .. underwhelming.

Complexity for
Heck knows why

@neauoire I 110% am the friend with Arch :'D

Especially when it comes to the "obnoxious evangelisation that nobody asked for" part

@raelzero @neauoire I am the friend with manjaro smiling at the ubuntu user acting as the gateway drug.

@neauoire as someone who used to run Arch nearly 20 years ago, I can totally relate

@neauoire LB: but everyone else and anything else, and I’m window guy with Nix. 😅

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