@neauoire I struggle finding new ones. Whats your go to site?

@peregrine the National Geographic website is excellent for that.

@neauoire @peregrine Woah, good idea. Unfortunately... Right click download is blocked. Do you have links to high res available downloads?
@neauoire @peregrine oh right 🤦‍♀️. Too bad their js bundle is bigger than their largest photo on the slideshow I loaded 🙃

@tees Open developer tools and download the image from source. Or disable javascript for that site and reload: no more right-click blocker. Or peruse your browser's web cache and pluck the image off of your hard disk.

@tees OK, strike my 2nd suggestion. The #NatGeo site sucks at #accessibility and #security, and completely fails to load when browsed #FreeOfJavascript. Of course it also fails to tell us that, which leaves us staring at an almost serene and calm home page, that doesn't let us do or read anything.

@aeveltstra Oh well! All the more reason to scan / collage some of the old NG magazines I have.

@tees I found an image on the #NatGeo site that is "protected" by that right-click blocker which claims it's to protect copyright... but it's saved in their rights-exempt folder... Their left hand seems not to know or not to care what their right hand is doing...

@peregrine @neauoire i recommend unsplash and sorting by trees or something (technically the images are foss too :p)

@neauoire imagining Sims 1 when you finally have things in every room that max out fun levels

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