@neauoire ah. hmm. i don鈥檛 know what鈥檚 fast and what鈥檚 slow in QuickDraw. does it have a mirror or reflect operation?

@cancel @neauoire you can stretch/scale with CopyBits, maybe that works with negative factors too

@eel @cancel I haven't figured out how to read/copy sections of the canvas

@neauoire @eel looks like CopyBits will do it... let me give it a try

@neauoire @eel CopyBits can squash and stretch, but it gives up as soon as you give it non-normal rectangle

@cancel @eel Can you screenshot what you have? I want to experiment with that too.

@neauoire @eel Imaging With QuickDraw (Apple, 1994) developer.apple.com/library/ar

Pascal. Also covers extensions to QuickDraw that added support for color and LaserWriter/PostScript printing.

@cancel @eel Have you figured out how to paste bitmaps while mirroring the content?

@neauoire @eel haven't figured it out ( 鈺扳枴掳)鈺 鈹烩攣鈹佲敾

@cancel @eel I'm starting to feel like even if it does exist, it'll be many times slower than just painting an arc.

@neauoire @eel I doubt it. it's probably the same speed or faster, and fewer lines of code... unless you have to implement the memory flipping routines yourself

@neauoire @eel in which case it's still faster, but more lines of code

@neauoire 脟a me fait penser 脿 l'ancienne animation du logo de CBC/Radio-Canada

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