@neauoire I mean it's gotta be a luna moth, right? But I'm not an expert...

@neauoire I guess I don't really either But Also I did have a phase where I wanted to be an entomologist when I was little And Also both my parents are biologists so I maybe do know some random bug facts jskfld

@neauoire I'm no moth expert, but that happens to look a lot like a male Luna moth, one of the very few moth species I know by name!

@neauoire And yes, they're so gorgeous, what an incredible color combination 😍

@neauoire I'm pretty sure that's forgotten Japanese tokusatsu character Chojin Bibyun

@neauoire ahaha there were 6 other answers before me but none of them federated here rip

@neauoire I love this photo, it's such a good shot of its little face and feet!

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