Today is the last day to watch the amazing documentary on Dieter Rams for free.

@neauoire I feel complicated about man-myth building portraits like this. Is it enough to say "I am over credited," and then proceed to support that myth? I enjoyed watching it, but it leaves me with complicated feelings, and not complicated feelings I think it wanted to leave.

@grey How do you think he proceeds to support that myth? By hosting exhibitions?

I'm certain that it would be quite hard to find a museum exhibit attributed to a single person, who's work was not made up of an army of technicians and other hands.

@neauoire Exhibitions are whatever, but sure, focusing on them is somewhat curious. The entirety of the the film's veneer is mostly uncritical admiration. It supports an illusion. I dunno. I'm not saying it's atypical of documentaries about specific people, I'm just not sure what there is to glean from the film other than "this is a man to admire and to aspire to be"? The filmmakers clearly hold him in saintly regard with nary a critique personal or professional included.

@grey that's unfortunate. It's not at all what I got from the documentary.

@neauoire I'm not saying there is nothing else there. His notions about design are certainly good, it just seems less interested in actually exploring those ideas over favorable portraiture. I feel like there is a better movie to make that can include critical perspective and ideas to juxtapose. The film even argues for a return to critical opinion while failing to have include any.

@neauoire @grey What did you get from the documentary?

( I haven't watched it yet, so having read grey's view i'd like to go in with yours as well)

@dualhammers @grey He's weary about the future in a similar way that Miyazaki was. They have both been advocating against fashionable goods, he's set out a series of rules, and he's warning against breaking them.

@neauoire @dualhammers @grey

I just finished it.

Enjoyed the first half more as it focused more on design.

Reminds me of 'Gerhard Richter Painting'. Both Germans of the same generation.

Now I want to design and build:
A calculator.
A radio.
A chair.
A ...

@teknari @dualhammers @grey I love the doogfooding in the video, he's built all these things, but that many years later and they're still part of his everyday life.

@neauoire @dualhammers @grey


And the idea of instead of making more things, keep improving the same things.

@teknari @neauoire @dualhammers That's not a generalizable take-away, but it is certainly an ideal.

@teknari @neauoire @dualhammers One of the issues I take with these kinds of pieces is how the resources of an outlier will simply not be available to most designers. The works associated with Rams are all luxury goods with the fetishism that entails. That Vitsœ (which Apple autocorrected for me) chair with arms is ~$5200 USD. There *are* good ideas to take, but there's a lot of dream pedaling and marketing associated with these kinds of portraits.

@grey @teknari @dualhammers I dunno about the chairs, which I think he was mostly overlooking, but the things he designed for Braun were pretty much affordable to middle class, my parents had some of those growing up. I've seen them in flee markets as well, I'm not sure I'd consider that "luxury good"~

@grey @teknari @dualhammers You seem like you've made up your mind about this anyways, and I'm glad you're not idolating him and you're being critical about the people who made the documentary. So I'll just leave it at that.

@neauoire @teknari @dualhammers I'm just working out my thoughts. I've spent a lot of time reading the canon of people who are revered, only later to read more helpful pieces that strip away more of the veneer while still honoring their contributions. I've observed that it's easy to take away unhelpful things, and our culture is built to support that. These are things I am actively thinking about, so my responses are largely in relation to my own experience.

@cblgh @neauoire Refuses to play for me :/ Just says "Sorry
Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here."

Even though I have given it special exceptions to play ads, run JS, etc., :/ In both Firefox and Chromium. Bummer.

@cancel @cblgh awh that sucks I think you would have liked him haha. There's a part where he's like "this design is bullshit" and it made me thought of your categorical takes on things.

@neauoire I made a backup since I won’t get to it this weekend. God I love `youtube-dl`. :>

@gendor @neauoire It can download **a lot** without telling it how to.


Thank you for sharing this! I had only recently been introduced to Rams via the gopherspace run by @rusty . I very much enjoyed the documentary, though part of it is doubtless confirmation bias--Rams's work embodies many of the design principles that I already valued going in.

I left wanting to think more about the design of one's personal environment; how the tools (and organization of the same) of our daily lives affect us. I've already dramatically streamlined my digital life, and am ruminating on how best to streamline my life in meatspace.

Eno also made a very pleasant soundtrack for this film.

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