First, right off the bat sites seem to fall into 3 categories:

- Blank white screens (45%)
- Sites with some things but most content doesn't load (50%)
- Sites that still mostly work (extremely rare, maybe 4%)
- Sites that fully work (less than 1%)

This differs a bit from my own experience, I mean, as much as was looking forward to complain about this, I've found that the majority of the sites I visit work mostly fine without js.

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@neauoire You must visit mainly visit a specific set of websites. I've tried using no js for a day or two and had to disable it for every other website, because they were pretty much useless.

@neauoire Anything with a YouTube video, Instagram, Netflix, Protonmail, Soundcloud, EZ Planck Configurator, Dropbox, Google Drive, Pinterest,, Mastodon, Bandcamp, and on and on and on

@rostiger damn I don't use any of those except mastodon and bandcamp.

@neauoire Admirable. I'm in the process of getting rid of some, but it's harder than it should be.

@rostiger I mean sure, Netflix, maybe you watch a lot of movies, but Pinterest, why on earth?

@neauoire Ha, I just made that one up to fatten the list.
But the use case still stands as my partner uses it a lot for finding project inspiration.
Oh, also Patreon.

@neauoire Oh, right, I forgot that blender also has video editing capabilities. Will need to get back to that sometime. Looks like my problem was with the screenrecording though, kden did good now.

@rostiger @neauoire Mastodon has pure HTML/CSS and native clients (BRUTALDON is my fave, even though it has some bugs). YouTube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp can be consumed with youtube-dl and anything based on it. (eg.: mpv and libmpv based players like Celluloid)
No uploads or logins though. (I messaged Bandcamp about their use of reCAPTCHA but they didn't even reply)

@rostiger @neauoire also works without JS. I usually use that to browse youtube and Celluloid to play the videos/playlists. (and youtube-dl to download things)

It's sadder that Peertube has no equivalent. Youtube-dl works with it, but there is no way to browse it from Netsurf.

@neauoire There's probably an amount of selection bias at play there. Contrast the sites most people have to interact with to look for/apply for work, or to learn about the world.
Larger and larger number of news sites require JS so they can cut off your access with payment nags that clobber the (then-placeholder) nag content, or so they can take part in the anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-adblocker war, or...
That's the new normal for so many users these days, and they don't necessarily grok how not-that the Net can be: those are values you have to seriously go out of your way to learn. Meanwhile, everyone's accessibility suffers because dark patterns have been the norm for a long, long time

@nfd Of course, I did say I was just contrasting with my own experience of my own specific corners of the internet. I don't pretend that this is the case broadly.

@neauoire same, I use uMatrix and I really have to be active (not just reading) to whitelist some scripts.

(What is nitter by the way?)

@neauoire looks like a noJS front end just to check tweets, not tweeting? Relevant to the current topic ahah

@neauoire I presume the large amount of blank white screens is due to people making their entire page using JS frameworks like React.etc

Web Developers Learn To Write HTML Challenge

@neauoire i am the 1%.

(my website has no JavaScript lol)

@neauoire hmm 🤔 i should update my cv to say that since March 2020 i've been taking care of my daughter instead of working for money

@hirojin @neauoire Same here!

* all have no (or very little) JavaScript!

Btw have you heard of ?

@alcinnz @hirojin AH! I pressed Surprise Me and landed on Arne's website hahaha, small world.

@alcinnz @hirojin @neauoire Oh neat one.

> Web browsers without Mozilla 5 compatibility are not forced HTTPS.

Oh, that's an interesting one, I think I might do the same here. Given that `Mozilla/5.0` isn't going away anytime soon.

Also sadly my website has one dash of javascript ( ) but it's very optional as it's just for sorting a table, something that I quite wish would be in browsers by default given that most websites with large tables tend to have this kind of thing.

@lanodan @hirojin @neauoire You might want to know:

In Rhapsode (& future browser engines of mine?) you'll be able to sort tables on most webpages, whether or not they have any JavaScript to that effect. I think I'll implement in my next traunch of work!

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