We have updated our notes on offgrid living in regard to software and bandwidth. Install uBlock and NoScript to disable ads and javascript to limit battery and bandwidth drainage. Use cpulimit to throttle expensive processes.

Imagine what the world would be like if software was conscious about power consumption.

Also, what is that screen in the picture? Is that a monitor?

@paul It's our "media station", it's a raspberry pi running OSMC.

Raspberry Pi Touch 7', 800x480
SmartiPi Touch 7' Case

@neauoire Shoot, that is a nice case for it. Thanks for sharing the info.

I'd love to see how productive I could be on a screen that size. For the past year or so I've been mainly working off of a GPD pocket, which has a 7 inch screen set up to be a 960x600 display. It's been an interesting experiment.

@neauoire I miss the days this could be further improved on by a low power computer running a USB drive for the cache for a transparent #Squid proxy running AdZapper as a wrapper to replace ads and trackers with a split second silent MP3, a single pixel transparent GIF or a javascript that does nothing but immediately exit as appropriate. Ultimately I think HTTPS Everywhere™ was a mistake as it made the web much less cacheable.

@neauoire OK, I've read a little bit of Your special sustainable lifestyle at #offgrid, and U talk about water supply

»We chose not to have a desalinator aboard Pino, and have managed well without it. It's a device that is expensive, high maintenance and power-hungry.«

Wow, respect,
the 1st I think, if U where sailing solarpunk nomads,
is : desalinator device needed,
and U:

@alm10965 We've sailed along with people with desalinators and they're the No.1 cause of people having to wait for parts in remote islands, and we didn't want to have that.

@neauoire Great resource. I have dreams of having a boat at some point and did a level 1 sailing course some years back. I wondered how long it took for you to gain confidence with handling your boat?

@mikekelly mhmm, we left 6 months after getting the boat, we had no prior sailing knowledge.

@neauoire I will read my copy of "small boat sailing" again and make my plans

@neauoire No, I haven't - thanks I will work my way through those!

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