We're currently stocking up for a long passage, here are some of the foods we carry aboard.

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@neauoire lovely! Do you bring the jars wirh you to the store to fill up spices in bulk or is it plastic bags?

@dualhammers we carry them along if there's a dried food market, otherwise reuse our plastic bags.

@neauoire This is magnificent. Are the large jars at the back glass or plastic?

@neauoire no beans? I try to stock six kinds, but then again I don't live on a boat. Fare safe.

@mplammers since we're in Japan, we buy canned beans instead of dried. We have about 30 cans of soy beans that we use to make hummus with. But the picture is only showing our dried ingredients.

@neauoire Good choices and ideas overall, thanks for sharing.

TVP very interesting.

May try soy hummus.

What's up with dried beans in Japan?

@mplammers dried chickpeas and dried kidney beans are impossible to find where we are, soy and adzuki are the only two we can readily buy in our little remote town.

@nomand we keep the grounded coffee in a jar, and the beans in a bag, not shown in picture.

@neauoire *camera pans+zooms on a cupboard door bursting open with beans filling up the boat* :P

@neauoire @nomand it’s blasphemy to grind coffee in advance. Always JIT your grind!

@middlepath @nomand I agree, and we grind our coffee each morning.

This jar is ground decaf we were gifted in Majuro.

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