Updated the webring to work entirely without javascript, added feed filtering in CSS!

I had to scratch my head a bit for this one..


@neauoire Nice! I don't have (atm) look at the code. Do you fetch the list of the feeds in Json (and parse it using cJSON) and use curl to get each feed (individually)?

@xvw I didn't make this client btw, I found it on sourceforge I think, license said DoWateverTheFuck so I mirrored it on github, might adapt it a bit, I wish it'd display the timestamp too.

@neauoire Yup I saw the "credit". I'll try to write my own. (Using OCaml of course... i'm hopeless)

@neauoire Btw I was thinking that having two files to represent "twtxt personnal feed" could be cool:
- feedname.txt
- feedname.digest which is a checksum of feedname.txt
It allow to fetch full feed only when the checksum change.

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