We need some passage readings, if you have a bit of time and would like to packages a handful of TXT/MOBI things for us to read while we're underway, or recommend a good book send it over! I'll take it all

@neauoire got quite a bit, especially technical. anything in particular?

@neauoire The Precipice. Most important book. Everything it says was something I'd been wondering about for years.

Tried to upload it here but for some reason the epub filetype is "invalid". Well I think epubs are valid.

@faun thanks! Added to reader, I've been meaning to read anything by Ord for a while :tealheart:

@neauoire Do you want Terra Ignota. It's very long but it's delightful. It's probably too long. I'd still be inclined to recommend it but it genuinely doesn't start hitting hard until the second book (after which point every single thing that happens is extremely juicy), though the first book is still interesting.

It's about a sort of post-nationstate time of peace where gender has been driven out of public life, and then (in the second) history resumes, and things start to break exquisitely

@faun I have it, I've given up twice on this already. But I'll bring it along, just in case.

@neauoire An excellent and practical handbook on Individualism(txt and mobi available):

I found it to be a more modern take on Stoicism, and found it so useful that I end up rereading it periodically and gain new insights every time.

@neauoire 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle. A very good read about mind and the illusion of time (and much more).

@neauoire surely you've read kon-tiki already? if not, I can acquire a .mobi I think

@lunchgirl I actually have not! I will grab a mobi from libgen :)! thanks for the reminder.

@neauoire thank you! It's lifted from this comic. For context, future funk is a genre of music similar to vapor wave, made up of remixing old pop songs. The final panel is a reference to the cover of Plastic Love, a well known Japanese City pop song from the 1980s

@lunchgirl yeah I know, I recognized the youtube thumbnail haha. It's perfect


lighthearted internet forum classic: bruiser street sweeper chronicles

Long online serialized writing with a heavy emphasis on worldbuilding:

@neauoire Ted Chiang has two short story collections, 'Stories of Your Life and Others' and 'Exhalation: Stories'. I've read 'Exhalation' and loved it.

A lot of the individual stories are free to read online, if you want to get a taste of his writing. Exhalation (the short story), my fav, can be found at

Safe travels!

@neauoire I'm too late for the trip you're on, but for SciFi shorts I recommend every issue of

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