We're leaving Japan in the morning, to sail across the North Pacific ocean to Vancouver Island. We will be at sea for the next 7 weeks. You can track our position here:

@neauoire Best wishes! It's inspiring to hear about your travels.

@neauoire Godspeed! Don't forget to take some awesome pictures.

@neauoire Best of luck! By the time you return who knows how many subjective years will have passed.

@neauoire Safe travels and and see you on the other side!

@neauoire bon voyage! May the winds carry you where you want to go.

@neauoire safe travels and best wishes, can't wait to hear about it!

@neauoire 4 years of travel, there and back again. Good luck on your return!


Wow, my question is, how is the quarantine where you are at? Or can you travel freely now?

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