Rekka has kept a really good diary of our day to day (mis)adventures. The TLDR version is that it was just horrible, 1000nm off the coast of Japan we we knocked down and the capsize ripped of everything that wasn't the mast from the deck, so we lost our solar panel, dodger, etc..

We'll start posting the transcription of the log soon. I

@neauoire that sounds horrible :0
Glad to hear you got there, though.

@neauoire Damn, that sounds awful :( Doubly glad you made it despite all of this.

@neauoire can't wait tp read it... sounds pretty crazy even in the genre of sailing stories

@neauoire Good to hear from you. Will keep an eye out for those logs.

@neauoire Oh man! Glad you're safe! Looking forward to reading that log transcription!

@neauoire Holy hell, that seems horrible. Glad you're both safe. O_O

@neauoire Oh geez, so sorry to hear this! Glad you are both okay, and looking forward to reading more about it - eventually! No rush!

But I do have to ask now: were the bikes lost too? :(

@solderpunk the bikes are alright! You have your priorities straight 👌

@neauoire Holy shit. I'm grateful you're both alive! Maybe Merveilles can figure something out, blueberrywise.

@neauoire Holy crap, that's as bad as it gets. Glad you guys made it!

@neauoire Oh god that is terrible! I'm glad you're both safe!

@neauoire wow!! So glad you’re safe! Good to have you back, looking forward to the story!

@neauoire glad you're safe and sending good thoughts.

glad you are safe, hope that your boat can be rebuilt

@neauoire Oh daaaang that’s intense. Must have been super scary! Wowzers… well, I’m glad it wasn’t worse. I guess you’re both now officially pros after making it through that haha ^_^

@neauoire Oh my goodness. That sounds awful, but at least like a great story to tell?

May the two weeks of quarantine pass quickly for y'all!

@neauoire that sounds terrifying. It's good to have you back, though.

@neauoire oh my word what a journey. glad you have all made it safely to BC. many greetz

@neauoire that sounds terrifying. Glad y’all are okay!

@neauoire Really sorry to hear this. And glad you made it alive on the other side. Welcome back. Take some rest.

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