We're stuck on a quarantine dock for 2 weeks after spending 50 days at sea. Some amazing people online has organized for us groceries and other things delivered through the fence of our temporary prison!

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Do you think or feel or 'analyze' solidarity is more current in/around/with sailing communities ? Or not? Or it's collective other path?

I try to understand some kind of stuff through sailing people and communities related to third places (Oldenburg) without capitalist approach (like Oldenburg did) since 7 years.

@XavCC definitely, sailors are all renaissance people who had to learn how to do everything themselves, and everyone is eager to pass on that knowledge. We're on the younger end of the community too, so most people we meet are in their 50s and are just excited to see some young people being interested in this crazy DIY lifestyle. The hardships we share also strenghten these sort of connections I think.

@neauoire thank you for your answer

> to learn how to do everything themselves

What? Like... "Hey, I've been 50 days off the grid" - "well yeah that's why you have you in quarantine!" ... Kinda thing?

That's ridiculous!

@musicmatze It's a blanket rule, it's stupid, even they told us it was stupid..

@neauoire well, at least!

Stay strong and don't let this get your mood down! ✊

@musicmatze we've got fresh bluberries, the weather is amazing, we're in good spirits!! cheers :)

@neauoire yeh I feel this rule is good for cruise ships. Not so good for you two 😁

@royniang we're not allowed on shore, we can't leave the quarantine dock

@neauoire ho well, how was your first not-sailing-night then ;)

@neauoire welcome back, hope you're both doing okay, sorry you're dealing with that!

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