Gathering a bunch of examples, I want to learn to make little graphical apps.

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Figured out the basics for drawing stuff I think. The docs are pretty great.

Also, I'm becoming a freaking ACME magician, I love the chords scheme thingy.

I think I will make a cookbook with a bunch of examples files like I did for Think Pascal and 6502 Assembly.

Managed to compile asm6 with pcc and resume my 6502 work, only this time, in .

Dreams do come true.

Implemented bresenham line.
Left is 's line() and right is bresenham.

I know I told myself I wouldn't waste time doing this but the babyblue was NOT calming me down, at all.

Teaching myself how to mod rio. Added wallpapers support from scratch today. Plan9 is amazing, it's everything I was promised, it's now my main daily driver.

Made 's Acme feel a bit more confortable, hacked it a bit so shift+arrows move the selection left and right. Total game changer.

@neauoire is this because you're using a mouse for the first time in a year?

@dualhammers @cancel I have a trackball but it's unsupported in Miller's RPi image of plan9. It's usually what I use to play FPS games.

@neauoire @cancel Relearning how to play FPS at a high level with a trackball is tough but rewarding.

@cancel @dualhammers it flies all over the place, totally unusable. Maybe it's a speed thing, but forger about changing anything, let alone opening a window with the trackball.

@xj9 @cancel @dualhammers Yeah, I have trouble getting 9front to play well with my weird RPi screen. I don't mind using Miller's image, it works just fine for playing around with plan9.

@neauoire they don't say what colorspace those colors in the plan9 code are specified in, so you have no idea if you're even looking at the correct color.

(You aren't, because sRGB, which your display uses, was only created in 1996)

@neauoire By daily driver, do you mean for e.g. email and web browsing also?

@tty Yeah :) I've got it setup so I can do both of these things right now. Email is a bit tricky since our company email is a gmail, but I'm trying to sort that out now. It still works, but it throws a ton of errors that makes it hard to read anything properly.

@neauoire Also, omigosh, you can cat /dev/screen to get the pixels? That's.. just.. so beautiful.

@tty I know right!! Have you read The Art Of Unix Programming?

@neauoire Yes! I read it maybe ~4 years ago, and still refer back to it once and a while.

@tty @neauoire it seems it's the season, had the same issue last week...

@lkundrak @neauoire I never liked that article. It fails to consider the semantic clarity that `cat` can impart, which I consider *extremely* useful.

@lkundrak @neauoire Are you being sarcastic? I can try to explain, if you don't know what I mean.

@tty @neauoire partly, actually. I do have a theory about what you meant, but it's actually a little bit embarrassing and it's probably incorrect. If you care to explain then I'm happy to listen.

@lkundrak Sure, please do. (removing @neauoire from this tangent thread)

@neauoire do you have any good resources for undertanding and starting to use it? ive been wanting to try neindaw, but i havent been able to convince myself that installing plan9 would be worth it.

@jaxter184 I haven't tried neindaw yet, but I intend to. I'm not sure I have any good resource to offer.. But start here:

I'm writing a programming guide for plan9 at the moment, I will put it up in about 2 hours~

@neauoire I'm surprised you don't complain about that font. I find it hard to read.

@cancel I KNOW! It's so bad, I need to change the monospace one, the other one I like a lot.

@neauoire Maybe you can get Geneva 9pt on there somehow? The Mac one, which is used by default in THINK Pascal and other proportional text editors.

@neauoire There's probably some utility program that can convert bitmap fonts to the format Plan9 uses.

@cancel Yeah it's already on there, but last time I change the font it totally broke and I had to make a fresh image, so I'm a bit weary of trying that again.

I'm currently learning how to use the string tools in plan9 C, once I've understood it, I'll take another stab :glenda:

@neauoire A couple of months ago, because I'm still having to use monospace text editors most of the time, I ended up making my own monospace font for tiny screens based on the version of Monaco from System 7, but shaved off a pixel of height, and added a bold variant (without increasing width.)

@neauoire Yeah, what format? I can send it in BDF, or Windows .fon

@cancel I'm not sure what format plan9 takes, it just says .font? Is that a common thing?

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@cancel @neauoire I'd like a BDF version of it if you have it. I could really use a font like this for my tiny screens as well!

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@neauoire are you using legacy plan 9 or 9front? By the way I’m trying to create some kind of tilde server at gemini://, hopefully I’ll figure out the basics soon enough to launch it before the end of the summer :)

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