Can't start abaco without webfs, it's ARGH WHY, what if I just want to have a look at a html file while offline without webfs started?!

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@neauoire also don't use abaco lol use mothra like a normal person

@sir I don't run 9front at the moment, I use Miller's Pi image. I couldn't get 9front to run with my current screen. It just displays a bunch of glitch making it impossible to even access vesa to change anything.

@sir I'm gathering the know-how right now, it's too daunting right now to make changes to the core applications, but I intend to, soon enough.

@neauoire they're in /sys/src and the code is pretty straightforward. Use the `g` command to grep for text and print filename+lineno

@neauoire check out htmlfmt(1), use 'man fmt' for more info. it's not great but it works for plain html files.

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