Figured out the basics for drawing stuff I think. The docs are pretty great.

Also, I'm becoming a freaking ACME magician, I love the chords scheme thingy.

I think I will make a cookbook with a bunch of examples files like I did for Think Pascal and 6502 Assembly.

Managed to compile asm6 with pcc and resume my 6502 work, only this time, in .

Dreams do come true.

Implemented bresenham line.
Left is 's line() and right is bresenham.


I know I told myself I wouldn't waste time doing this but the babyblue was NOT calming me down, at all.

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Teaching myself how to mod rio. Added wallpapers support from scratch today. Plan9 is amazing, it's everything I was promised, it's now my main daily driver.

Made 's Acme feel a bit more confortable, hacked it a bit so shift+arrows move the selection left and right. Total game changer.

AH! Here we go, 3d from scratch basically. I tried importing some stuff like libgraphics and other fanciful things into , it was too hard for me. I ended up just rebuilding my tiny wireframe engine in a hundred lines or so, no dependencies.

I couldn't figure out how to use sed @cancel so I removed the fancy spacing and pipes and things.

@cancel Could you relay my thanks to sigrid, this is my dream hex view :> I'll come on IRC in 5 more days..

@neauoire they don't say what colorspace those colors in the plan9 code are specified in, so you have no idea if you're even looking at the correct color.

(You aren't, because sRGB, which your display uses, was only created in 1996)

@neauoire do you have any good resources for undertanding and starting to use it? ive been wanting to try neindaw, but i havent been able to convince myself that installing plan9 would be worth it.

@jaxter184 I haven't tried neindaw yet, but I intend to. I'm not sure I have any good resource to offer.. But start here:

I'm writing a programming guide for plan9 at the moment, I will put it up in about 2 hours~

@neauoire I'm surprised you don't complain about that font. I find it hard to read.

@cancel I KNOW! It's so bad, I need to change the monospace one, the other one I like a lot.

@neauoire Maybe you can get Geneva 9pt on there somehow? The Mac one, which is used by default in THINK Pascal and other proportional text editors.

@neauoire There's probably some utility program that can convert bitmap fonts to the format Plan9 uses.

@cancel Yeah it's already on there, but last time I change the font it totally broke and I had to make a fresh image, so I'm a bit weary of trying that again.

I'm currently learning how to use the string tools in plan9 C, once I've understood it, I'll take another stab :glenda:

@neauoire A couple of months ago, because I'm still having to use monospace text editors most of the time, I ended up making my own monospace font for tiny screens based on the version of Monaco from System 7, but shaved off a pixel of height, and added a bold variant (without increasing width.)

@neauoire Yeah, what format? I can send it in BDF, or Windows .fon

@cancel I'm not sure what format plan9 takes, it just says .font? Is that a common thing?

@cancel @neauoire I'd like a BDF version of it if you have it. I could really use a font like this for my tiny screens as well!

@paul @neauoire OK, here it is as Windows .fon and also BDF. I don't know how (or if) you can put two variants in a single BDF file, so it's saved as Regular and Bold separately for that. (Windows .fon has both in it.)

@paul @neauoire Some of the glyphs with diacritics and accents will be messed up, because I just started with a copy-paste of Monaco and then copy-pasted the accents onto characters that needed them and didn't clean those. I fix the characters with accents whenever I see one actually get used.

@paul @neauoire if there are some in French or whatever that actually get used, let me know and I'll fix them and upload a 0.7 version :)

@neauoire are you using legacy plan 9 or 9front? By the way I’m trying to create some kind of tilde server at gemini://, hopefully I’ll figure out the basics soon enough to launch it before the end of the summer :)

@glenda @neauoire Still very much looking forward to a launch. :) But also eyeing off an unused RPi 1 after I realised 9front had an image for it...

@solderpunk @neauoire I secretly wish I can have you as some kind of guinea piggies for as you know how to run this stuff :) I have most of the services figured out but still need to iron out some stuff like basic welcome documentation and so on. Unfortunately August is one of the busiest month for me so we’ll see what I can achieve🤞

@glenda @neauoire I am happy to help if you need, but there's certainly no rush! I know very little about Plan 9. I am not sure how much pubnix admin experience would transfer across. Welcome documentation should be pretty easy, though, stick it in a world-readable directory somewhere and mention that location in the MOTD, I assume Plan 9 has some equivalent of that?

@solderpunk yes I was thinking of something like what you did for the zaibatsu orientation with a MOTD and/or a man page. This will clearly be a space where everyone learns from each other and I love this idea!

@neauoire I've wondered about the plan9 port: do you have to manually resize the partitions or does it do it automatically like most other OSes on the pi do?

@ari Mhmm, I'm not techically savy enough to answer this :(

@neauoire That's fair. You haven't run into space issues though? I might give it a shot tonight.

@ari No, I run it on a 8GB SD card and it's almost totally empty, the OS is about 200mb? Every little script I make is about 1kb, all my music runs off a USB stick.

@neauoire have you seen the 3d graphics done by rodri?

Might be useful for implementing new things or as a reference :)

@henesy Oh wow! That's just what I wanted, I was about to re-implement all this which was a total chore for me, I'll use that instead. Thanks :)

@neauoire @henesy I think I'll wait with 3d until we have proper hardware acceleration^W^W shader compilation and execution support. (I'd be happy to help here, but I've never done hardware or compilers)

@sirjofri @henesy I need simple 3d which I can nail in about 200 lines of C code, just wireframe basically.

I'm porting this little thing of mine:

So I can keep progressing on this:

I'm actually almost done, I just have to finish implementing scale(), translate() and rotate(). I should be done today.

@neauoire next Pino in 3D

(pico8 picoCad on twitter)
The gulls are actually the same size as the boat due to picoCAD constraints, so I scale them down considerably before putting them onscreen.

@neauoire yes, it's incredible how much I need to relearn and how much I forgot in the past years

(side note: )
ooh, Last Exile! I loved that anime! :blobaww:

@neauoire yeah, given the choice between trying to figure out how to modify something correctly with sed, and just writing what I want, I'll usually go with the latter :P

@cancel @neauoire LOL, yeah, sed and vim are examples of things where the process to figuring out how to do things "properly" takes longer than my fast fingers type, so I have never learned to use them very well.

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