Figured out the basics for drawing stuff I think. The docs are pretty great.

Also, I'm becoming a freaking ACME magician, I love the chords scheme thingy.

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I think I will make a cookbook with a bunch of examples files like I did for Think Pascal and 6502 Assembly.

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Managed to compile asm6 with pcc and resume my 6502 work, only this time, in .

Dreams do come true.

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I know I told myself I wouldn't waste time doing this but the babyblue was NOT calming me down, at all.

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Teaching myself how to mod rio. Added wallpapers support from scratch today. Plan9 is amazing, it's everything I was promised, it's now my main daily driver.

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Made 's Acme feel a bit more confortable, hacked it a bit so shift+arrows move the selection left and right. Total game changer.

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AH! Here we go, 3d from scratch basically. I tried importing some stuff like libgraphics and other fanciful things into , it was too hard for me. I ended up just rebuilding my tiny wireframe engine in a hundred lines or so, no dependencies.

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Oh cool! You can do little recursive things in PostScript!

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I couldn't figure out how to use sed @cancel so I removed the fancy spacing and pipes and things.

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@cancel Could you relay my thanks to sigrid, this is my dream hex view :> I'll come on IRC in 5 more days..

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Completed my little .chr(famicom sprite format) file viewer util for , added context menu for zooming.

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I wonder why Emily decided to use /dev/kbd instead of keyboard events..

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I want to redo the keyboard scheme for the emulator, but first, gotta learn how Plan 9 apps handles keyboard controls.

Seems easy enough.

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AH! Finally, the whole family is here. Managed to lint, assemble and run our NES games. can resume on

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nasu9, sprite editor
lin6, linter
asm6, assembler via pcc
nes, mod of Aiju's(9front)

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The code for making a GUI application with keyboard controls in basically fits in a toot.

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Oh my god.

I've always thought 3D was this complicated thing, I would include these big libraries and frameworks to make 3d stuff, but in reality, all I needed was these 2 little functions?! Are you kidding me.

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I just love how in I don't need to write image exporters, I can simply `cat /dev/window | topng`

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It's what I will be using for to create the scenes, it's inspired by the work I've done on the Macintosh last year.

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(side note: )
ooh, Last Exile! I loved that anime! :blobaww:

@neauoire yeah, given the choice between trying to figure out how to modify something correctly with sed, and just writing what I want, I'll usually go with the latter :P

@cancel @neauoire LOL, yeah, sed and vim are examples of things where the process to figuring out how to do things "properly" takes longer than my fast fingers type, so I have never learned to use them very well.

@neauoire bit of an odd way to draw pixels. why not use a byte array as a buffer?

@neauoire how do you bootstrap new install with all your customizations? I have been maintaining some dotfiles for recreating my shell xp but curious if you have an equivalent for plan9? I.e. if your rpi died

@metasyn The mods are very simple, I keep the changes here:

I think re-applyig them would take about 5 minutes in total.

@neauoire Ok it's starting to get very interesting. Can you change all menus depending of the context?

@thomasorus You could change it depending on wether you're opening mouse2 or mouse3 menus.

@neauoire wait, wait, wait. /dev/window? A window in plan9 is a file that you can just read and write to?

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@neauoire can we just make some true shader stuff with spir-v etc?

@neauoire a real hardware stack with the possibility to add hardware acceleration with industry standards, so we can compile standard shaders and run them on plan9. Realtime 3d graphics industry standard compatible etc

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@neauoire have the same filling, I will to do something now on pico8

@neauoire 2D projection of 3D is really simple. You’ve seen the raytracer that fits on a business card, no?

@neauoire raytracing is different from rasterization, but both are pretty simple. This is a breakdown of the business card raytracer:

@neauoire oh! What you’ve implemented is projection. Gotta give credit to those frameworks because there’s a lot more to 3d rendering. Try doing occlusion next 😉

@stephen yeah I don't have normals or anything like that. I'm just surprised projections are so simple.

@neauoire it’s elegant. Perspective was discovered in the 1400s after all.

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@neauoire this is super interesting!! I never managed to do that! Can you please tell me how to do this, where can I find this example source? All I could do when I was teenager was the Wolfenstein 3D engine (which is pseudo-3d)

@neauoire here is what I did if you're interested: please let me know where I can find you version of the super easy 3D vertex projection!!! ❤️

@neauoire thank you!!! I will give it a look immediately

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