@neauoire Interesting that they tend to use "Raison d'être" a lot in animes while they have this concept…

@lanodan It's telling that everyone prefers to use a foreign word to describe it, the concept itself must have an air of foreign-ness.

@neauoire Maybe because it feels like something that is hard to reach a bit like a foreign culture/land.

@neauoire I feel like I've never seen this graphic with those inner pedals labeled. 🤔 interesting…

@neauoire Criminal shame the bottom circle has to exist. Although I guess "what I love" and "what the world needs" are both erasing it. Now if only I were good at it ...

@neauoire "Follow your passion and you will never work a day in your life"

Yeah because no one needs it and no one will pay for it 😛

(I'm only kidding)

@stephen is that quote really ikigai? I never interpreted it that way, I've always looked at the graph more like a sort of warning that there should be a balance.

@neauoire I'm re-interpreting the quote to be more humorous.

The actual meaning is more like "follow your passion and money will come eventually"

@stephen that's the allan watts interpretation, which I like most of all <3

@neauoire It's a good motto. My reasoning: it's very intuitive us to know what we love to do and what we're good at. It's less intuitive to know what will make money, it's wayyy less intuitive to know what the world needs.

Sometimes we think the world needs something, but it's the exact opposite of what the world needs.

We need wisdom before we can know what the world needs. Pursuing passion leads to wisdom.

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