Chickenshit Minimalism: the illusion of simplicity backed by megabytes of cruft

Such a perfect term, adding to personal lexicon.

@neauoire This is why I have been gently trying to get people away from electron. It is the definition of chickenshit minimalism.

@peregrine It's why I stopped using it too, last time I did a npm install, the electron deps were like 450mb, and the resulting build 120mb excluding the size of the content(~15kb of js/html), NOPE NOPE NOPE

@neauoire when I download an executable and its in the 100mb range I have a perfect record for guessing it is electron.

minimalism thoughts 

@peregrine @neauoire Oh gosh, I do this lots too. I once wrote a command-line app for grabbing webcam screenshots[1]. It bundles ALL of electron to do so! The binary is massive, but electron takes care of all of the complexity of having a cross-platform webcam-access mechanism, which would have taken non-trivial time for me to otherwise figure out myself.

I wonder if there's a continuum here between minimalism and lack-of-expertise? If I was well-versed in how webcams worked x-platform, I could do something minimal pretty easily. Minimalism seems to be the domain of folx who know exactly what they need in very exacting detail.


@neauoire yup. happens in software (aesthetic minimal design, complicated and inefficient under the hood), but in other areas like consumerism: e.g. pre-fab tiny homes using unsustainable materials, minimal kitchenware shipped from other continents, delivered via amazon…

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