"I will not use Firefox anymore, I will use that other browser that focuses on bitcoin and ads."

@neauoire Brave has always smelt like a long-con to me. What on Earth is BAT even trying to solve, and why the hell do you need it in a WEB BROWSER

@tomupom @neauoire Same as any new cryptocurrency. What they are trying to "solve" is how to enrich the creators and early adoptors. The only unique thing about it is the strategy, which is (1) block ads (they could just stop there if this were about doing right by users), (2) replace those ads with their own ads, (3) offer to return to publishers a cut of the ad revenue that has been diverted, (4) *if* they register with Brave and accept their cut in the form of BAT. It's a racket.

@neauoire I will not use Firefox anymore, I will instead use either Chrome or Chromy or Chromer or Chrome 2 or that Chrome that breaks the GPL and then the Crome from a corporation other than Google.

@neauoire "I will touch fire to spite my mom. I don't mind the pain."

if you're cold and not paying your electricity bill maybe

@neauoire the concept behind the Basic Attention Token is incredibly pernicious and would do immense damage to society if it became widespread.

@neauoire And does nothing to reduce Google's sheer influence over the web, by reusing their code...

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