I just realized that I haven't been using syntax highlight for a month, and I hadn't even noticed it wasn't there.

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@neauoire I like it for comments and strings. Dunno if it's really needed for much else, at least for C and Pascal code.

@neauoire the bold "if" and other keywords in THINK Pascal is nice, though.

@cancel Yeah I agree, bold is neat, I would like to have that in acme too.

@neauoire @cancel some kind of visual distinction for keywords isvery useful. what would also be nice but i haven’t seen is some visual distinction for a variable name that appears only once. that, and help in matching up closing braces is about all I want or need.

@neauoire good spacing > colours.

aFunction( x, y, z );

Will always be more readable than:


Even with rainbow mode on.

@neauoire space code like words in a book, read code like words in a book.

@big_chip @neauoire colors are only good for skimming. But then you miss half the code. A well structured code and good spacing as well as naming is more important than colors. And instead of skimming to find a location I use g(rep).

@neauoire I only ever missed it while reading BRL-CAD's CMake files. The horror...

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