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@cancel Could you relay my thanks to sigrid, this is my dream hex view :> I'll come on IRC in 5 more days..

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Completed my little .chr(famicom sprite format) file viewer util for , added context menu for zooming.

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I want to redo the keyboard scheme for the emulator, but first, gotta learn how Plan 9 apps handles keyboard controls.

Seems easy enough.

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AH! Finally, the whole family is here. Managed to lint, assemble and run our NES games. can resume on

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The code for making a GUI application with keyboard controls in basically fits in a toot.

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Oh my god.

I've always thought 3D was this complicated thing, I would include these big libraries and frameworks to make 3d stuff, but in reality, all I needed was these 2 little functions?! Are you kidding me.

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Tried to implement an extrude function, that did not disappoint.

Listening to: Sixth June - Virgo Rising

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Wrote my first variadic function in C, added symmetry and extrude functions. Making little houses like this one is super simple.

The symmetry has an edge offset bug, but I'm trying to figure that one out, see the diagonal? not supposed to be there.

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I realized this morning that I had no idea how to draw a simple color wheel. I wanna try to do one from scratch today without checking how it's supposed to be done.

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Today I learnt about chromatic circles, it seems easy at first, but it's fucking not.

Made a simple color picker thing, implementing complementary colors now.

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Rewrote the clock, I wanted to simplify the redraw so it doesn't clear the whole screen.

I've been thinking, I should make a little style guideline function to draw an overlay over the various things I'm working on to make sure they follow the same padding, ratios, etc.

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Made a tiny layouter in so I can follow some kind of styleguide across my different projects.

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Made a little RC script that opens the same app in various windows sizes with/without the styleguide.

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If you need to alignCenter or alignRight in .

stringsize(font, str)

Returns a Point with the size of the string draw region.

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Building a couple of little utilities/widgets for

picker, clock, pomodoro, calendar, cpu stats, calculator, note..

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Every day, as I learn new things with I revisit the clock code. I learnt a TON of new things today.

This rewrite gets rid of a flickering that existed from the original plan9 code by combining the different draws into a single one.

I will rewrite the color picker tomorrow..

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Rewrote the source for the clock and color picker code to use a single redraw, getting rid of the flickering, and also replaced sprint for snprint.

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Today, I learnt how to read/write to the clipboard in , and how to create a middle click menu.

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Taking a little break of writing tablet drivers to revisit my little 3d tool and implement the latest things I learnt.

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I might not be able to get my wacom tablet to work.. but at least I can do 6502 dev on and that cheers me the hell up.

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Started to scratch at the Donsol physical release project, here's @rek's gorgeous label art.

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@neauoire nice! Drawing everything to an image before flushing to the screen. Smart!

@neauoire might be able to save some cycles by allocating everything once, keeping the image reference between redraws and just drawing to it as if it was blank.

@neauoire not that it matters for this case but allocation is expensive.

@peregrine But I don't think I can change the size of the allocation, when the size of the window changes I would have to reallocate with a new size

@neauoire yea that would be when you would need to realloc. But since it is single threaded it should be safe to do so.

@neauoire you do you I'm just mind dumping stuff. If it works its good. Pre-allocating is a per-optimization

@neauoire Excuse me for being completely off-topic (your apps for Plan 9 are awesome though), but do you happen to have a link to the wallpaper image?

@dvicente They're from a National Geographic post about retro cats, I don't have the link anymore, maybe you can find it :)

@neauoire why did you replace sprint with snprint? Was it an optimization to use a fixed size buffer, or just for memory protection?

@neauoire For some reason in every plan9 screenshot the first thing I read is the code you write to take the screenshot. Maybe you need a screenshot utility bound to a menu, next. :)

@peregrine I should.. I sometimes take the time to sleep 3; hide the window, but usually not.

@neauoire I really enjoy your adventures in plan9. Makes me want to get into it too.

@neauoire keep in mind when you read (up to) 30 bytes into a 30 byte array, that it leaves no room for a NULL terminator :)

@awalvie it's from a movie by the director of Valerie and Week of Wonders I think, I can't remember the name, I'll try to remember. It's a good movie..

@awalvie No wait, I think it's the same directory as On A Silver Globe, different guy..

@neauoire lots of names I've never heard of! New things are fun!

@neauoire something i've always wondered: how do you deal with only seeing 10 lines of text at a time when coding? or are you just resizing your editor for aesthetic purposes in screenshots?

@hierarchon I had a second acme window up on top left, but I used it to type the screenshot command, and people said it was distracting to see unrelated code on my screen, so now i sleep 5, and hide the unrelated windows.. The acme window at the bottom left only had some scene geometry stuff.

@hierarchon When I scroll up this thread, I think every single screenshot shows acme taking the full height no? Do you remember another screenshot?

@neauoire ... i must be misremembering or something, because yeah, all the other screenshots show it at the full height.

@neauoire you are writing all that on a Raspberry Pi?

@neauoire @huxel are you posting here from a second computer or does mastodon work with abaco/mothra?

@samhza @huxel I post here via a device running a chrome kiosk. It's the only way I can browse the web at the moment.

@neauoire are you telling me you haven’t made your own font already?

@flip I made a few fonts, but never made a pixel font for coding yet

@flip not 100% sure how to make one for plan9 to be honest, I'll have to look into that.

@neauoire I kind of like “fixed”, it's my choice at the moment, but sadly the zero and capital-o glyphs (0O) are too similar and easily mixed it has a few other shortcomings, too. At some point I would like to look into converting the UW Ttyp0 font to Plan 9's format 🤔

@aperezdc oh wow that looks great! It's a bit thin tho, I like the bolder ones I think

@neauoire yes, I would go for the bold variant.

The thin regular (thin) variant could be an useful option at small sizes for small screens. The same goes for Terminus.

@neauoire you should make a git repo with your plan9 scripts and utilities :}

@neauoire I think if you applied your artistic sensibilities to Plan9's 1980s-era TWM-like UI, and made it cool-looking, it would spawn a huge increase in interest in it.

@bamfic I'm a bit careful about how I advertise plan9 at the moment, I'm not sure it's totally ready for most people, and I don't want people to try/abandon it because it's not documented properly. It's why I'm doing these experiments now :)

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