@neauoire Thank you so much for finding and sharing this!

@solderpunk @neauoire "IC fabrication requires large amounts of energy, highly refined machinery and poisonous substances. Because of this sacrifice, the resulting microchips should be treasured like gems or rare exotic spices. Their active lifespans would be maximized, and they would never be reduced to their raw materials until they are thoroughly unusable."

Yes! Yes! One thousand times, yes! This person gets it.

@solderpunk @neauoire Makes me think of post apocalyptic sci-fi stories with guilds of technicians carefully scavenging old computers and rotten electronic devices to rebuild systems, painstakingly maintaining an forgotten knowledge (network, system programming, etc).

@solderpunk @neauoire i treat my macbook like a rare spice. i put it on my pizza

@neauoire This is great. I've been wondering about this sort of thing for so long and haven't seen anything about it on the internet 'till now!

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