@neauoire Nice! Which tablet is that, out of curiosity?

@am @apetresc I feel stupid that I wrote "the ideas of Linux" when I meant "the ideas of Unix".

I knew nothing when I wrote that XD

@neauoire @apetresc Yeah, but still. I'm doing some work at work to help separate our concerns to make this possible, hopefully beginning to treating the JS + userspace as a downstream distro. Soon

@am @apetresc 3 years ago, I spoke with Galen I was like get rid of that whole JS stuff asap. Things took a different turn.

@neauoire @apetresc Having a client for less technically inclined people is an imperative; but keeping it lean, separate, extensible is my imperative. I lead that team. It's the offline-first that's the open question for me to figure.

@am @apetresc My take on Urbit is that it shouldn't target the general public at all. It has the chance to be something truly unique targeting a niche that is mostly ignored by the mainstream products. Trying to please everyone will be hard with something that pulls so hard in the esoteric direction.

@neauoire See also groups.google.com/a/urbit.org/

(Incidentally: we're likely to move off Google Groups shortly, too, ha.) It's a new era, I have a lot of power to push us in certain directions.

On the plus side, reasonably affordable and powerful RISC-V boards are available around now-ish.
@am @apetresc

@neauoire is that lego on the left hand side of the device?!

@qbit yeah, a lot of the pi peripherals like the camera, are lego compat

@neauoire that's awesome! do you have details on the case / screen? It looks very usable!

@neauoire I’ve got a 60% Pok3r keyboard that I use a daily driver, but you’ve gone and chucked the whole number row, too!

@bamfic It's one of the main character from the movie Daisies(it's excellent)

@neauoire i have been thinking if getting a smaller ortholinear keyboard. How have you found using one?

@big_chip It's slower than a normal keyboard, it's a fun hobby, but it's pointless. I just like using it.

@neauoire yeah i was wondering if it might be a bit slower. Still I read that swapping keyboard layouts keeps the mind sharp somewhere so there’s that.

@neauoire @big_chip i use a kinesis and just bought the new atreus colla keyboard between keyboard.io and @technomancy My experience is that learning a new layout took me a little less than a week but did a ton to prevent RSI. Highly recommended. I got the Atreus simply as a portable keyboard for building a cyberdeck

@neauoire @big_chip @technomancy to be clear i don't have the atreus yet, it's being shipped asap, but i learned Dvorak and the kinesis split keyboard layout pretty damn fast i think and have been using it 13 years now!

@neauoire Pretty! I used a Preonic (like the Plank plus a 5th row) for a while but then I got RSI from that.

I need a split ortholinear. :p

@neauoire It's a good reminder of what you can get away with when your body chooses to be lean

@neauoire That is adorbs but my astigmatism is already screaming at me.

@neauoire OOOO

May I inquire which keyboard you have connected?

@neauoire what about the storage? Do you use an SD card or a hard drive / SSD?

@replikvlt the raspberry pi is actually inside, the case is called the SmartiPi.

It doubles as an enclosure for the Pi itself.

@replikvlt you're welcome. Let me know if you have any question :)

@neauoire@merveilles.town yeah, I am curious because that case looks a lot like some kind of e-reader, that's why I asked.
I thought you ported plan9 to ereader or something
Raspberry is cool too tho.

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