Do you remember when Firefox had a builtin RSS reader, webpages had a subscribe button..

I miss those days.

@neauoire this was upsetting me recently so I tried to find an extension to bring RSS features back. Brief does pretty good job:

@strider @neauoire I grabbed this and tried it but it will not allow you to subscribe to some feeds that are correct

@neauoire nowadays even rss readers are a dying breed :(

I was trying to get something that will work both on my PC and my phone (and sync), and outside of OldReader (and syncing it with a third party app on the phone), everything is either invasive or bloated.

The day google killed it's rss reader, was the day I started thinking that google might not be this force for good I thought it was.

@FredBednarski @neauoire if you have your own server, Tiny Tiny RSS has been a joy to use for me.

@flab Thanks, will investigate.

Can't really setup a server now (the apartment internet / router is super restrictive and I have no access to it :/) but it will be good to know for the future.

@FredBednarski a VPS works too. I run a dozen services on a single 2GB linode machine so surely the lowest tier would do fine.

Of course admining a Linux server isn't in everyone's anticipated scope if all they're trying to do is read news feeds so I totally understand that being a barrier-to-entry

@flab well, last time I had my own server was in like early 2000s ;) I wouldn't mind having my own little server somewhere down the line.

Could you recommend me some intro-level reading to VPNs?

@FredBednarski I'm not the best for that, I don't use one on the regular. I work with OpenVPN a lot so I know the ins and outs but all that knowledge is for DIY custom setups, not a packaged click-and-go setup from a provider, which is what I reckon you're after.

@neauoire Remember, when Firefox had an FTP client built in? Remember, when Firefox would speak Gopher? Remember the time, people actually wante firefox PlugIns to be able to implement their own protocols?

@waweic I don't remember that it ever had a gopher client, damn. That was before my time, but it sounds great.

@neauoire To be honest, I don't remember either, but I am always utterly frustrated when I read old bugzilla posts

@neauoire 2010. Surprised it lasted that long.

> Lessen attack vendors

Damn vendors!


@neauoire @waweic

"Nominating for 1.9 since cutting code is good for security, size, and other things."

Good one Mozilla! Why don't you cut WebRTC if you're so concerned?

@waweic @neauoire
Remember when Firefox would tell you that a page had a web feed available, and let you subscribe?

SeaMonkey (based on Firefox) has an RSS reader. It also has a lot of other stuff too, that you may not want.
And then there's waterfox that can still use the old plugins.
And then there's .....

@dualhammers yeah, until 2 years ago about. It was pretty nice, you'd go on a site it would say "Subscribe" at the top if the site had a feed.

@neauoire Yeah, I have been missing this because I think it would find unlisted feeds.

@friend @neauoire That 1st one has a free software license, too. I'll probably see if that one helps when I get back to my computer with my feedreader.

@kete Hmm, I think all of those licenses would qualify as "free software licenses".

But yeah, the first one is cool, because it's a "Recommended Add-on", meaning Mozilla does human code reviews to ensure it's safe and works well.

The other two are good, because I think, they only offer that button, nothing more.

@friend Ok, in that case, the 2nd one looks the most minimal (and is free software).

@neauoire Yeah I started using an RSS reader again recently and it's pretty bad having to hunt for RSS links now

I honestly think ActivityPub is the better solution. I never got warm with rss.

@neauoire It's not a subscribe button, but this is a cool step back towards rss:

And then here's the piece about it and why it exists:

Doesn't solve the part where you used to subscribe in your browser, but anything in the right direction is positive to me.

@neauoire we need to bring back rss i dont wanna sign up for some dingus site just to subscribe to a grand total of 1 (one) guy

@neauoire What we need to do plain and simple is to have a non-corrupt organization for development. It's so sad to see that Firefox is now for profit and not for the people. I feel ever more sad as their advertising/marketing propaganda touts the opposite, while in fact they cripple the freedom and keep adding toxic and useless features😪

@neauoire I've used Firefox since the very first alpha/testing versions (and the browser package was like 5MB back then). It was a lot quicker and smaller than the heavyweight Mozilla/Netscape suite that included among other things a client for email and newsgroups. The effort to get Firefox 'usable' was pretty long. When 1.0 was out (much later) my personal opinion was that the browser was becoming way too slow and heavy again. Now it is hopeless to even count the iterations ...

@neauoire last year after writing up his experience customizing Firefox <>, @JordiGH wondered:

"since apparently the only changes I made are in omni.ja, could I just save that file and keep it around" <>

Food for thought.

It's one those things that are easier said than done in practice, but in theory a person should be able to grab Firefox 1.5's JARs and run them "on" up-to-date Firefox binaries...

@neauoire that kind of user control over upgrade paths was baked in to the original intent of Mozilla's decision to adopt the component architecture it did.

@colby I tried building Firefox once but I wasn't able to, it's slightly outside of my competences at the moment.

@neauoire yeah, that was a subject of one of the subthreads on that topic: Mozilla has made the Firefox build process way more cumbersome than it needs to be. ("The development iteration cycle for Firefox is pretty shameful.")

Zotero's approach more closely resembles how it should be. When I saw what the build scripts were doing, I almost started laughing. Granted, its incarnation is fragile hack that puts them in a position of being subject to Mozilla's goofy whims.

@neauoire there are many RSS add-ons for Firefox that bring back that kind of functionality. I am working on one of them myself even though it is not yet ready.

@neauoire Is kindda hidden, but rss still works for most sites, you only need to find a reader

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