That's pretty cool.. Might make little apps for it.

(src "mandelbrot.lisp")

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@neauoire @akkartik really cool idea but for once I can actually sympathize with parenthesis h8rs. Imagine typing () for every terminal command

@Lambdanaut @akkartik it's totally sensible for me as a frequent lisp user. Trying to learn domain specific languages for nearly each new operation, that is unimaginable.

@neauoire @akkartik That's certainly a huge reason for an OS like this to exist.

@Lambdanaut @neauoire @akkartik Someone once showed me their setup which added one pair of () around their terminal commands by default.

@Lambdanaut @neauoire @akkartik that's kinda trivial though. it could pretend every input starts with a an opener paren and close it on return

@akkartik @Lambdanaut

lmao @ batshit-literal
no idea what this means, ill check it out

should we untag you? your mentions must be nuts

@pajaro I should update that hyperlink to Thanks!

Basically, more liberal = provide more powerful mechanisms, fewer opinions on the 'right' way to use them. Allow people to make messes, because that's how they learn.

@akkartik haha i was on the wayback machine looking for a non-"login-walled" link so i could let you konw

@neauoire @akkartik I saw "16-bit" and got excited. Then I saw the opcodes and realized it's x86. 😢

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