To access the small web, begin by installing Rust(300mb).


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@neauoire if you’re referring to what i think you are, pretty sure you are already doing “the small web”

@neauoire weird, why would one have to install rust for anything but development?

@thomasorus It would be smaller in size to download the whole of plan9, and use the 9front gemini client.. And you get an entire new OS.

@neauoire I know, I was being sarcastic, sorry about this!
I agree it feels kinda big for just a programming language but I realize I've never asked myself how much a programming language weights.
After searching, on windows, node is around 30mo, Ruby without devkit is 10 (130 otherwise) and Python3 is 25mp. Rust is around 200mo. Very surprising indeed.

@thomasorus @neauoire meanwhile, Lua is <200 KiB, and a very reasonable small C compiler like tcc is <250 KiB (if I recall correctly). Of course throwing in a C library will be a bit more, but it can be a few megabytes only when using something like Musl.

@thomasorus @neauoire just be thankful you're not iOS/Apple devs, XCode is over 10gb.

@neauoire @thomasorus ha, I remember that camera app from before 100 Rabbits/Merveilles was on my radar.

@thomasorus @neauoire playing with - a web server is 62kb on macOS

@tbd @thomasorus @neauoire weight of language isn't directly comparable to it's runtime or final executable size :P. Most recent GCC compressed is 130mb. Some languages do more at compile time and support more target. Ruby you download supports the target you ask it to and doesn't include bundler or etc for example.

@peregrine @thomasorus @neauoire REBOL at 650kb is still my target for a dev platform for experiments

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