@neauoire Thanks for sharing this.

A lot of the memories of my dad are tried to computing, and It was really nice to read someone else's accounts of similar experiences.

Also, with me being into emulation for so long, I completely forgot how strange and idiosyncratic that "world" is to someone just "walking in."

@neauoire powerful piece. Indeed, I remember people long lost, and times that happened so long ago. different lives, almost. Remembering the first experiences on old b&w Macs… helping my dad’s good friend (who just recently died) troubleshoot some stuff. The first days on the internet & web and talking to people online for the first time. Finding places I really felt heard. :) Great to see these sensations and experiences communicated so accurately.

@neauoire A big difference today compared to the 80s is that the need for computers is already well-established and integrated into many people's lives. We're seeing the diminishing returns of marketing computers based on features and speed.

"The entire world of emulation is filled with references to very specific things that you should not seek out, that you must never Google, that you should definitely not obtain."

"The world of technology isn’t separate from regular life. It’s made to seem that way because of, well…capitalism. Tribal dynamics. Territoriality. Because there is a need to sell technology, to package it, to recoup the terrible investment. So it becomes this thing that is separate from culture. A product."

@neauoire thank you for sharing this, it is a beautiful read and invoked some strong feelings.

@neauoire big nostalgia hit from this…
I had an old man sharing computer things with me when I was a kid, but I can barely remember him, my memory isn’t so great… He probably passed away as well.
I also miss the days I went to the linux user group meeting of my city every week…

@neauoire for me it's retro gaming and remembering my older brother. Though remember fogger on the C64 with him and Double Dragon II on C64 and NES.

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