@phooky everyone keeps sending me this, I'm not super clear why, I haven't played it yet, is it because it's the only contact people with assembly or?

@neauoire @phooky it’s a fun little game. shenzen I/o and exapunks by the same developer are also good. exapunks is easiest to play.

@neauoire probably because it (and exapunks and shenzhen I/O) also feature very stripped-down ISAs that can be learned quickly. The neat thing about these games is that the processors are embedded in really interesting parallel architectures. It's speculative fiction for hardware design! Also, the puzzles are basically tsumego for assembly nerds.

@neauoire (if you want to mess around with the architecture without the overhead of the game, I think there are a few TIS-100 emulators up on github.)

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@neauoire the assembly reminds me of "The Fifth Element"

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