"And I realized that the inherent bitterness and negativity of programming arguments and technical defensiveness on the web were making me bitter and negative. I've consciously tried to rewind, to go back to when programming was a tool for implementing my visions, not its own end.


I feel like the anger I have toward my computer has had me skirting dangerously close to this as of late. I try to remind myself to just "take it, or brush it off, everybody else is". Sometimes being frustrated with my computer sends me down spirals that don't have any sort of positive outcome when I have fallen so far from the problems I was trying to solve, the art I was trying to make, or the music I was writing.

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@neauoire I’ve been down this hole and only recently recovering. My trouble was caring too much about the how and not the what. Ex: could you have built orca with the restrictions you’ve placed on yourself recently?

Caring about how something is built is important but it shouldn’t be the focus. Focusing on the output will lead to better results. And you can improve the how as part of the process.

@peregrine probably not. That's the thing.

But I have a haaaaard fucking time ignoring.. well, that's the thing, ignoring how things are done is not really a possibility right now as it has a very real impact on my slow computer's speed, and our small battery bank.

I kindda wanna say, well fuck it, I'll just electron all the things, but then I have a very sluggish computing experience and 15 mins of runtime.

@neauoire Is there a middle ground though? could you, for example, work in C targeting unix so you struggle less with drivers and inconsistencies?

Not saying give up or w/e but you've recently veered from Electron(being well tested and generally easier to PRODUCE even if wasteful) to serious outskirts where everything is held together by people doing stuff in their free time and mostly everything is broken.

@peregrine I'm looking for that middle ground, but I can't find it. I've been rebuilding a bunch of stuff in sdl and x11, but they're terrible, that's a sort of a middle ground but it doesn't cut it.

I've been trying this and that thinking, well maybe I could keep on targetting emulators. Like, write everything for the MSX or something, but there's problems with that as well which is what I've been struggling with these past few days

I've been looking everywhere for smol-computer, cant find it

@neauoire github.com/floooh/sokol is something thats come a crossed my history lately. noting raspberrypi is supported in a branch ATM github.com/floooh/sokol/pull/1

@peregrine Oh cool, I will give that a shot. Seems to be inline with what I want.

@neauoire I think the keyword is "header only" :P but yea every search service seems to have gotten useless.

@peregrine @neauoire sokol is good, but you will still end up with the entangled mess of stuff to make things on Linux.

@peregrine @neauoire On Windows you can ship a single .exe and it will work on basically every computer, but this is pretty much impossible on Linux unless you restrict yourself to TTY only.

@cancel @neauoire is there something else with similar ideas? Seems like ideal case is a canvas shown on the screen.


@peregrine @cancel plan9 is the only actively developed thing that I know that can do it in an orderly manner..

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@neauoire @peregrine it's also not too hard on Windows, though the cruft has built up over time. You can still do it, though, unlike Linux where it's no longer possible at all.

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