Throwing USB sticks across the boat to each other's desks is still the fastest way we found to transfer videos between devices.

Took me over 10 minutes to snarf 64GB off my camera's sd card yesternight.

@greyor @neauoire i have a motorcycle and lots of 10TB hard drives, i'm waiting for the day i get to set a new personal bandwidth record lol

@neauoire curious if there have been any boat-to-boat ballistic data transfers yet

@phooky YES! In the tropics someone tossed a HD with a latest Game Of Thrones episode on it. That was 3-4 years ago.

Adh-hoc wireless really need to a thing in civilization (& just outside of it), imo.

@masalamachi @neauoire
Croc seconded. The speed of USB will be far slower than a Croc transfer, and it's easy to cross-compile for macOS, Linux, BSD, ...

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