Here, I made another one.

> @rek looks over my screen.

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I think I'll make a couple more. Maybe I'll even translate a few verses, totoro will bring Dante to dance around the camphor tree, or something.

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@neauoire beautiful blend - hard to tell if it's collage or not

@dualhammers They're bits and pieces from the movie and stitched up together with Noodle :)

@neauoire I REALLY love the line work on this one! Excellent use of contrast and lighting, may I ask what program you used to design this in?

@neauoire Noodle seems to be able to produce really beautifully unique patterns especially when it comes to colour values, does Noodle run on the Plan9 OS?

@neauoire OMG This is so dope!! Thank you so much for sharing this with me Devine, would it be alright with you if I shared this link with my other friends as well? This is such an amazing program!!! 😮

@JonathanPires of course :) Use the number keys to change drawing mode. wasd to move the canvas, q to center it, z/x for brush size.

Have a look at the source/console to see all the shortcuts.

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