@setthemfree it's pretty fast, I usually do other things while it renders. 5 minutes video renders in about 15 minutes mkv/mp3

@neauoire You've probably explained that on several occasions, but why do you use Blender for video editing? Why not Kdenlive or Shotcut, Lightworks, something like that.

@albi I get pretty bad unrecoverable crashes with kdenlive, one time it corrupted the project file. Never used it again after that.

Blender is super fast, and works great, the hardest thing to do is transformation layers, luckily, I almost never have to use that.

@neauoire Question: Would you upload your videos on some PeerTube instance as well? :)

@nihiltarian We could, we've considered it. But personally I haven't found an instance that is any way appealing, they often get phased out after a few weeks of activity. I've already created 2 accounts on instances that have since stopped existing.

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