Here's a video of our North Pacific ocean crossing from Japan to Canada, in which we spent 51 days at sea.

@neauoire this is incredible, almost like a fiction (if not bigger in proportions). Your trips are so inspiring, I really hope some day I could manage to experience at least a quarter of your adventures ... until then, thanks for sharing a glimpse of a what is like to live free ✨ 💫

@neauoire 51 days explained in 5 minutes 😄 Well done!

@neauoire @rek

so beautiful. thank you for sharing your incredible journey 🙏 :tealheart:

@neauoire it's amazing how something so beautiful can also be so challenging. thank you for taking us along. 💙

@neauoire I'm also about halfway through the written log!

@neauoire the log was in turns inspiring and terrifying.

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