I maintain a copy of my browser bookmarks here, if you're looking for related things: wiki.xxiivv.com/site/bookmarks

They're updated daily.

@neauoire now i just need this for making websites like this one

@neauoire Now way… this is impressive!. Besides I was trying to black iron/steel for a door handle. Thanks!!!

@neauoire Have you ever peeped at pinboard.in? Yours is more neatly designed, but I use pinboard as a kind of quick holding bin for anything I want to return to later.

@dualhammers Never seen that before, but it's paid? to hold bookmarks?

I just keep mine in a text file, seems pretty optimal at this point.

@neauoire Ah yeah. I got in when it was free so I have free access. I probably wouldn't use it if I had to pay for it.

Yours does seem optimal for storage. I use mine at this point mostly to hold web pages in a kind of buffer to curtail being distracted or losing something I wanted to read BECAUSE I got distracted

@dualhammers I usually pin things in my RSS reader that I want to read later, but my bookmark collection is more like a curated list of things I often refer to, most of these links I sort of know by heart, but always scramble to find them again so I've kept them in lists.

@neauoire Can you pin things in liferea that are not in a current feed? As in, can I take a link someone posts here and pin it in liferea?

@dualhammers well, everything here is a RSS item, so yes. But you mean like, just any link? No, it's strictly for RSS news items.

It's not called pin, it's called flag in liferea.

@neauoire Hmm... now I wonder If I can load my home feed into liferea

@neauoire OOoh. Okay. I will have to try this.

Still running elementary or is that in plan9?

@neauoire i didn't knew about the dark mountain manifesto, thanks!


Do you use any sort of tool other than a text editor to parse through your links? Bookmark management has been on my 'figure out' list for a while now, and I really like the simplicity of this.

@RussSharek No, if I had to use anything other than a simple text editor then it would defy the purpose of having a simple plain-text list.


That's shockingly clever. Thank you for some clear examples.


I think I get it.

Question: Why do the body sections have HTML tags in your example?

@RussSharek they're just raw html. I'm one of the few person who actually enjoys writing html. What you're looking it at is the bodies of the content of each page on: wiki.xxiivv.com/


Gotcha. Thank you for making sense of your workflow.

@neauoire I wish I was as entousiast about it but I'm not. The simple web is a gread idea, but readability is still important. Courrier News and monospace fonts in general are hard to read for me. The use of color code is barely noticeable to me, and I'm not color blind. The un wrapped text means that if you have a large monitor, it's hard to follow the text from line to line.
So.... can we get a compromise? Simple but readable?

@neauoire The good news is, it does convert well when I use Firefox's article mode. Here's what I see, Before and After:

@narF when the markup is good, there's no reason it cannot be parsed into custom views easily :) That's the point. My browser defaults are tuned perfectly to my needs.

@neauoire Amazing

...except for that horrid date format which confuses the hell out of me :P

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