@neauoire very impressive that this is essentially hand coded art?!

@neauoire @fleeky This is just nothing short of awe inspiring. These images somehow conjure up a sense of immense scale, in both time and space. They feel like just a few random snapshots from a vast and ancient world.

@neauoire astonishing. would love to see a step-by-step on your process for this series.

@neauoire I like it a lot! Reminds me of the awesome BLAME books from Tsutomu Nihei. Especially the camera angles and the drawing style.

@neauoire I hope you don't mind me saying but your linework is jaw dropping! I realy like how your handling your webring, been thinking about how they could be popularised again recently.
@neauoire https://gaffen.co.uk for blogging/experiments, https://hearsepileup.rip for my music. I don't really have a dedicated space for my art yet - I still feel like quite a n00b 😅
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