In reality, Hacktoberfest is a corporate-sponsored distributed denial of service attack against the open source maintainer community.

@neauoire do you think the spammers target specific languages?

I had some high-profile repos around last year and never got any spam PRs, maybe because they were Clojure. I've moved all but a handful off GitHub, but if I get any spam I'm probably moving the rest.

@technomancy mhmm they only target the ones with github pages I think, so far.

@neauoire interesting observation! I wonder what the reasoning is there.

I guess I should be safe if that's the case; I have my own hosting so I never bothered with GH pages.

@technomancy @neauoire Same here! Also: all my projects except Odysseus are off GitHub.

Hmmm, I think Vala and Haskell are probably the least likely languages to be targetted...

@neauoire @technomancy oh, OK. I use Digital Ocean as this personal IP and it breaks my heart to see you all attacked in this way.

My fellow tenants should be ashamed of themselves.

@neauoire @sir The incentives are just awful. I really do think if they removed the tshirt and the focus on Pull Requests it could be a fun annual thing.

@neauoire The solution that's working very well so far is moving the project away from GitHub.

Wow... I didn't know about this before. Time to #quitDigitalOcean?
Anybody got recommendations? I might just switch to self-hosting, but the power/internet isn't always reliable at my house.

@zachdecook @neauoire I'd recommend Catalyst Cloud to New Zealanders, but that's relatively expensive...

I'm self-hosting my websites!

@alcinnz @zachdecook @neauoire
Digital Ocean is overpriced anyways

I usually shop small providers near cities with an exchange:

I've had good luck with low end dedicated servers in second tier cities and completely avoided problems I've seen others have with larger providers - like custom kernels that don't behave well with container managing software (OVH), or provider's network bot interprets the traffic spike from your weekend game as a DDOS attack and drops all traffic to your servers until Monday (Hetzner)

It's hard to find transparent pricing. The first place I contacted quoted only about 4x what I'm currently paying. Maybe the fact that I'm already on the lowest tier plan would suggest self-hosting.
@alcinnz @neauoire

@neauoire can confirm, got one of these this morning and realised it must be october 1st again

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