@neauoire really love your drawings, this one is giving me a very particular vibe, something about the end of the day, something about my childhood (the structure is similar to imgur.com/a/ugLI3Ks, that's in my hometown).
I was thinking, the 1-bit aesthetics is a bit like the difference between watching a movie and reading a book, the latter can distill the essence of a scene/situation, and as a result the viewer's mind has more room to synthesize deeper and more complex sensations

@nff Your 1bit correlation reminds me of how horror movies are scarier the more space they leave to the viewer to imagine things.

@neauoire I remember your previous inktober as if it was yesterday. It's hard to believe it's been a year. Perhaps it's because your art left a very strong impression on me?!

@cblgh atmospherics are my favourite thing to draw I think.

@neauoire something I've wondered; nasu is a spritesheet editor, but these drawings are pretty obviously not sprite-based. so are you just rendering scenes in moogle, then adding 'texture' (removing parts of lines, small details, etc) using nasu and ignoring the spritesheet bits?

@hierarchon yeah pretty much. It used to be two things, but the code was so similar that I've decided to merge them into a single thing.

@neauoire makes sense! love your work by the way, both in terms of the art itself and in terms of your software.

@hierarchon hey thanks for saying so 👋 lemme know if you have any question about anything ^^

@neauoire I was going to ask if your work is inspired at all by Blame!, but then I remembered what your display name is...

@neauoire Vraiment nice. Avec les courbes, ça donne de nouvelles possibilités.

@Hellien ouais :D J'ai toujours eu de la difficulte a faire des ellipses a la main, maintenant ca ouvre plein de portes :)

@neauoire C'est certain que si tu veux faire des trucs vraiment géométrique ça aide énormément.

@neauoire This style is so neat. It would look incredible in realtime 3D

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