I will make my morning coffee over an hydrogen flame before the end of the month.

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@neauoire that's a beautiful shot.

Please don't blow up like the hindenberg

@neauoire Well... if we stop hearing from you before the end of the month we know what happened! :blobcatgrimacing:

@neauoire How are you getting the required 15 volts? Are you using a solar panel?

@RadioAngel you don't need 15 volts if you're using salt water, but even better, a solution of urea takes even less power to break down in to hydrogen. It's what I'm experimenting with.

@neauoire @RadioAngel i wonder if all the urea will break down faster into amonia that way? or do you dilute the urea?

i await your results, and may have to start experimenting myself. i need cheap heat in the winter, maybe this could help!

@neauoire how do you control the combustion to not, just, explode?

@fleeky more power means more hydrogen, the reactor will have a backfire safe valve.

moar research !
graphite foil > stainless steel plates
dry cell > wet cell for safety and efficiency
excited to see what you come up with.

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