Check out this beautiful game guide @rek has made for Donsol(NES).

@neauoire @rek getting super nostalgic over that art! The headers are straight outta the 80s!

@neauoire @rek ah crap i was hoping for it to be abandonware but it costs money. thanks for the recommendation though!

@neauoire @rek don’t turn the pages so fast I can’t read them!

@neauoire @rek I love love love when guides/manuals include blank pages for notes.

@neauoire @rek the formatting of those pages is such a vibe! Reminds me of Christmas Day as a kid devouring some legend of Zelda manuals

@neauoire @rek Make sense.
Was expecting something like latex or script based. I guess it's the habit of seeing your programming stuff haha

@neauoire @rek Aaaaaaah, it's so beautiful <3 I always loved guides when getting new videogames as a kid. I don't know why they don't do those anymore :(

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