"What we have instead is the vacuous victory of typesetters over authors, and the most trivial form of hypertext that could have been imagined."

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@neauoire be wary of that Xanadu stuff. It's bad news.

@cancel @neauoire I really happily have a copy of "COMPUTER LIB", which I think is a lovely piece of computing history. And also, yup, I think Nelson is pretty firmly off the deep-end in terms of being relevant. I don't think he's wrong, we have often adopted bad technical answers in the name of getting things done (and usually in the name of building stupid tech unicorns), but you have to be critical *AND kind AND productive*, not just yell about how wrong everyone around you is.

@neauoire ted’s vision is well worth at least attempting to understand. he has a youtube channel where he demonstrates some working prototypes not just of xanadu but of this related system which is really cool- like a pandimensional spreadsheet. I occasionally talk to one of the engineers who implemented it on here. i can point him out, but i won’t here since i don’t want to generare a hostile situation.

@neauoire Beware of people who talk bad shit about Ted Nelson.

To the technical specialist, the vastness of Ted's erudition is incomprehensible, violent reactions soon follow, as the threat of something unimaginably better obscures however little they accomplished in their little technical specialist lives.

@haitch @neauoire maybe it doesn't have to be split up between haters and acolytes—that you can have a nuanced view and still be critical, just like you can be critical of your friends. (Ted, on the other hand, frequently shit talks TBL to an unfair degree.)

If you really want to have someone to look to, then look to Ted's pal Engelbart. He's Ted's own hero, but Ted always outshines him for some reason.

@neauoire "Those who would give up essential Content, to purchase a little temporary Typesetting, deserve neither Content nor Typesetting."

~ Benjamin Franklin ~

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