I don't like that Forth's variable assignment is done this way:

123 FOO !

It seems so.. not postfix. I wonder why they didn't go for something like postscript.

/foo 123 def

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@neauoire It doesn't require changes to the lexer. Postscript needs an "atom" rule.

@neauoire In the spreadsheet-inspired postfix environment I've been playing with, I'm working to define vars like this:

123 =foo

Functions look like this:

x square = x x *

@akkartik Have you thought about using lambdas to do that? That's how I've implemented it in my little toy forth thingy.

@neauoire Yeah, Factor uses quotes and lambdas as well, and it's a nice approach. Here, I'm experimenting with ways to minimize nested regions, just because I have an attack on a nice structured editor:

Some more details:

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