Cleaned up the MNT reform logo that was generated by inkscape down to 300 characters.

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@neauoire You can omit that svg xml namespace junk. Here's the svg for my logo on my website. And you can give it a CSS class so you can adjust its tint in a CSS style sheet. I just put it inline in the HTML instead of as a separate svg file, to save an HTTP request.

@neauoire You can also use the viewbox property to make the units align to an imaginary grid, so you can save characters when typing out the coordinates (e.g. viewbox from 0 to 64 then your coords can just be 0 or 1, with occasionally needing decimal point)

@neauoire Though I'm not sure if it will be a win in your case. It was in mine, but I had to fiddle with a calculator for a bit to find a nice divisor :)

@neauoire And if the mnt logo is on its own without any text nearby, you might want to give it an ARIA of something other than hidden, so that screen readers can announce what it is

@neauoire the logo on my site is purely decorative, so I just gave it the aria-hidden=true

@cancel without the xmlnamespace stuff firefox doesn't know to render it as an SVG.

@neauoire it will be fine if you put it in an html file

@neauoire I wrote a brief note about this too (I ended up inlining the logo on my site)

@neauoire Inkscape bloat and dot grid motivated me to write linja-lili!

@neauoire Yeah figures. it was more a comment on the svg format. (And more generally, xml.)

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