I've been trying to find a way to make 100% soba without ice for a long long time. I think I finally found a way.

With a german spaetzle!

@peregrine they're good! I think I need to use less water next time. But it took 5 minutes and didn't make any mess, didn't need any countertop space!!! It's the perfect boat thing.

@neauoire so this is also called a potato ricer right? They aren’t two different things are they?

@peregrine @neauoire Bring forth the German. Potato ricers often have side openings to make the potato pressing easier whereas Spätzle presses only open at the bottom so you can better control the noodle strings.
Read: Every Spätzle press is a potat ricer if you want to, but not every potato ricer is a Spätzle press.
I hope I could clear all securities about this issue. :V

@rezmason @neauoire our soba master in Shimizu would think this technique a travesty.

@django It was "alright", someone at a restaurent serves me this and I'd throw it in their face. But as a first try with this technique, it's pretty good. Next time, I'll do them differently(water ratio)

@neauoire LMAO the image!

Was it the texture that was off?

They look a little broader than what I usually get.

@django yeah they were too pasty, not firm at all. I think there was too much water in the dough ball, and then the water that I poured them in to cook wasn't quite boiling, so they stayed in the water a bit too long. ANYHOW, next time, next time will be amazing :D

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