@neauoire heyyyyyy nice...i'm hopefully helping lukas edit the copy that'll go behind this cover 😊

@neauoire This looks great, it looks super slick and gives a techie vibe to me. It reminds me a bit to the cover of The Are Of Electronics :blobaww:

@neauoire it reminds me of lines based typefaces from old scifi book covers, but turned into a contemporary view of the future. Yeah it looks good

@neauoire is it svg or are you collaborating with a specific software?

@neauoire would you recommend hand crafted SVG as a medium? maybe as an exploration? do you plan to apply this method to other projects?

@gassahara It's nice to know I guess but it's not very practical. It's how I do most graphics actually, I use dotgrid to create my guides and basic positions, then I hand write all the style/composition stuff :)

@neauoire I can see that... maybe such a method embeds such works with a kind of personality? soul even? so much so that you describing it that way seems almost transparent from the illustrations... your style it's really interesting, this work in particular is reminiscent to me to manuals of old (images of "cyberspace" that to us was made of geometrical shapes connected by lines, so futuriiistic :D )

@gassahara Ah! I'm glad this transpires, it's what I'm aiming for. This version is a bit of a quick mockup of where the book cover is heading.

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