@neauoire thismakesme wish i could have custom timelines and follow whole servers

@neauoire this article is right and confirms that I lucked out with finding and being invited to merveilles.town, I’ve really enjoyed being part of this intentional community filled with new friends

@exquisitecorp I love our local feed, I always find new things to dig into!

@neauoire this is the thing isn’t it. I hadn’t felt a proper sense of community online since 8bc shut down until I arrived here.

It’s nice once again to have that feeling that sometimes you are thinking about something and “X might know about this, ill ask them” or wondering how someone is getting on with a project and finding an update right there.

It’s cozy internet again.

@neauoire the feeling of being part of a community : that's what's heart-warming, and that what is occurring here, which was robbed from us by algos, ads, moneymaking, "whole world at you fingertips" bullshit...

@neauoire I sometimes have the feeling, I should have chosen another instance, as the local timeline appears to be mostly in spanish. They might be talking about the most interesting things, but I don't understand anything.

I don't even get a local timeline, so I guess nothing to complain about here. But when half of my feed is from a specific instance, it makes me think about it.

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