I'm asking this question especially to members of the Merveilles community.

I'm curious what some of your goals are? You can answer as broadly as you like, and understand my question to mean, where you think you want to go, where you think things should be going.

Just curious, and I think others are as well.


I just woke up and I did not expect so many answers to this thread. I wanted to find what it is that brings us together, what the connecting thread is with our community.

Thank you so much for your answers


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@neauoire to live a life of integrity and curiosity. The journey is the goal, detours and all :)

@neauoire One goal I have is to create lasting programmes to teach students design and visual art skills that can be taken and used anywhere.

There is a huge reliance on proprietary software suites in Aotearoa like Adobe CC, which I feel is an equity issue as not all students have the hardware or financial resources to use these programs. I want to see this culture change so that there is more of a shift towards free, libre, and sustainable tools for creating.

@neauoire my life goal is to create art/stories/programs/tools etc for teaching empathy to children, and to push for more inclusion and accessibility in the world.

it might not seem like that would be it, i have a pretty bad attention span when it comes to long term goals. but yeah, that’s my mission statement.

@neauoire mostly my goals are about increasing my creative output.

Specifically: to get more organized about identifying sources of inspiration, to make my first game, to make my first musical piece, to draw/paint regularly (not just October), to write my own super efficient static site builder, to build off the knowledge I’m cataloging in my website along the way.

I’m happy to report that I’ve already gotten a ton of satisfaction from the pursuit of these goals this year.

@neauoire this is a question i really struggle to answer.

i say 'i dont know what i want, so i want it all'.

i want to find a way to express myself creatively, whether that be through crafts, code, music or art.

i want to live true to the ideals i propose to follow, even if they are vaguely defined.

but most of all, i want to leave the earth better than how i found it. through helping people, living authentically, and becoming my best self
avenues through which to do that will be in flux

@neauoire I want computers to liberate us from boring tasks, so we could have more time for the more fun and creative ones

@karlicoss @neauoire all computing, imo, must be capable of being hacked & harnessed for fun, creativity, and/or science.

@karlicoss @neauoire your autonation @karlicoss is legendarily good. i always saw it not as to make things get out of the way, but to take the far off things & make them play-with-able, malleable, at hand. and to mix those data points with other constellations of data, as we may dream.

@neauoire a short term, in progress goal is to make a decent living directly from the sales of my work, and to keep creative control over it.

a moderate term one is to own a small-to-medium place that I can fully customize. i don't remember what "home" feels like. renting hasn't been feeling right lately.

a longer term one is to become energy and food self-sufficient.

blue-sky scenario : to become immortal and visit the cosmos as a being of pure energy


i would like to work less so that i can spend more time with the people that i love. i would like to spend a lot of that time running around in the mountains. i'd like to write a lot more gay letters to my friends.

my partner and i would like to live in a converted school bus and to make it as self-sustaining as possible. we'd use it to visit and climb on the natural wonders of the world. depending on how on fire the world is by then, we might swap the bus for a ship.

@neauoire To raise my children to want to want to help others.

To raise my children to respect nature.

To be interested in things.

To create “fun” in the world around me.

@neauoire maybe setting up something like this where I live gemini://

@neauoire to make good art, and help/encourage/inspire others to make good art.

@neauoire My personal long-term goal is to live more emotionally honest to myself and others. In the shorter term, I'm hoping to transition into more fulfilling work via coding/development

@neauoire To get my shit together and live as I intend to. Creating all the time I don't do daily chores or socializing. Music to entertain myself and relax. Dreams.

A secondary ultra high goal is to educate myself the most to understand the world the best I can, then to pass this knowledge through art.

@neauoire In my head: To stop climate change and dismantle the state.

In practice: Tend to my hydroponic garden.

@neauoire I'm a little older than a lot of folk on this instance I think, happy to say I've finally achieved most of my younger goals; settled and married with children, dogs and a cat, house in the middle of nowhere in a lovely quirky community. I grew up in a big city and always used to dream of this escape. Goals for next 20 years: try not to traumatise the kids and give them a good start, less stress, more community involvement, possibly retrain as an electrician.

@neauoire Finding what I love doing.

Reading books during the last 7-8 months has drastically changed my perspective about what I want to do with life. I've been stuck behind computers for too long now and I don't really feel like I enjoy working them as much as I did before. The one thing I know I definitely enjoy is reading books, but other than that, my objective is to find new things that I enjoy doing and do them for the rest of my time.

@neauoire To resolve conflict and imbalance created by egoistic interests, capitalism and xenophobia.

@neauoire Get better at drawing, painting, writing, and Japanese. Try to stay mentally healthy.

Stop trying to build software that are supposed to be a "better tool for me". It distracts from me doing the hard stuff and actually grinding out what I want to improve/make.

Some of the tools I 100% believe are worth making, but not allowing myself to make it until I have better expertise. Both so that I can ensure the tool is better, and ensure that I do not get distracted.

i often get this sense of overflowing with thoughts and feelings, so all my goals basically boil down to finding an outlet/new ways to express myself through art, work and relationships.

more down-to-earth goal is to become financially independent so i don't have to be a burden to my family

@neauoire getting better at communicating and interacting with other people.
Taking care of my anxieties so I can focus on my projects without doubting everything I think or do.

@neauoire to live a challenging, principled life
to live independent of expectations
to build a network of passionate people

and professionally, to build tools that help others develop ethical software, ethical hardware and ethical ideas

@neauoire Achieve better Work/Life Balance and a fully self hosted digital life free from Big Tech and surveillance crapitalism. Use time and tools to enable more edifying and rewarding types of conversations and collaborations around my various areas of interest. To enjoy being creative again and participate in a community of other creatives.

@neauoire Have largely lurked (and learned) here on Merveilles but I would add that - in time - I would like to contribute more here. And learn to code.

@neauoire First, understand myself, since some recent events have led me to see my mental health, inner workings and perception of the world under a new, different and scary light.

Then, once I'll know or accept my limitations and strengths, figure out what I can do with my skills, and which skills to improve, to make the world a better place while carrying on with my creative endeavors, which I cannot live without.

In other words, keep the juice flowing. Make something worth making.

@ice i was going to write something similar, but I think you wrote it more eloquently.

Tough time and scenarios are mirrors to our weaknesses.

@changbai Glad it resonates with you. I think your last quote also sums this up very well. You got me trying to translate it in Toki Pona, it would make an interesting hieroglyphic writing.

@neauoire i think that if i would ever had some goals from myself, they would have been something completely nuts like

"finding how many alephs i can before dying"

"finding a way to open a fracture in the fabric of reality, to see what comes out"

@npisanti @neauoire sounds like my partner. she’d change the source code of reality just to find out what happens

@zens @neauoire we live at the intersection of the mystical and the nerdy

@neauoire to inspire others like my idols inspire me, to inspire to let people become the best form they could be of themselves.
& become a top level rollerblader. I was dreaming of becoming a top level surfer when I started 2 years ago, but that's probably no longer possible in my lifetime, so surfing is my chill thing when I'm taking vacation of rollerblading.

@neauoire become a polymath; create a business around distributed software that deplatforms centralised giants; fund, create and organize taskforces to combat climate change at all levels of the issue, from political to practical (agriculture, education, technological, etc)

@neauoire i am aware I am still very young, so my objectives may seem basic, but founding a family with my fiancee, finding a place to live that is closer to nature, and find balance between the obligations of life and my creativity that agrees with my mental health.

I want to rely less and less on industry products (especially food), and develop my ability to fix/build the things I need by myself.

Happiness, I think, as a priority. I'm slowly learning I need to prioritize filling my own cup first.

I'm also exploring how to develop a deeper relationship with nature.

@neauoire Doug Engelbart laid out a "mission". Bret Victor talks about "inventing on principle".

Maybe your instance's rules, beyond specifying avatar style constraints, should include something about everyone spending a little time working to define a mission/principle for themselves and then linking to it in their profile metadata sometime within, say, the first 3 months.

@neauoire Survive the 2020 Mental War that is the pandemic and U.S. presidential election.


I want to help people have more agency. I think in the short term that means better access to free and open tools/information. In the longer term I think we need to have a closer relationship with the natural world.

I also want to put more energy into strengthening relationships with the people close to me. To not get caught up in the big picture all the time.

@neauoire nice to see so much response!

I have longterm ideas and short-term goals.

Longterm ideas 5-10y are quite vague. "Be happy, live with integrity, house with kids, etc" they're more like principles that guide me to choose the right short-term goals.

Short-term goals are much easier. There was a time I was just traveling and exploring and adding as many experiences to my life as I could.

Now it's much more directed. Earning money, save up for a house, get married, etc.

@neauoire to be more emotionally honest with myself and with those close to me, and to explore with an open mind the things and ideas that arise from that process.

@neauoire Figure out a way to live without having to work in the capitalistic sense, get more self-awareness and emotional intelligence, help build and contribute to a community, always make more art (especially the kind that makes people think, questions things and empathize with different lived experiences) ~


where I wanna go is more what I want to avoid: the sort of genetic depression men in my family seem to find around the mid 30s that leads to alcoholism. If I can dodge that I will be golden.

@neauoire thank you for asking this question. so many inspiring answers in this thread.

@neauoire This was a fantastic read, definitely bookmarking this :3

@somnius @neauoire Since the question was posted I've been struggling answering it and I'm like "Devine what have you done to me" O_O

@thomasorus @somnius @neauoire Same. I decided to just write something on a best effort basis. I know my answer will keep changing and I'll never have a perfect answer.

@thomasorus @neauoire Actually same. I'm not sure if I have any concrete goals for the things I work on, but I know I do want to keep growing, and training my empathy, in all situations in my life.

@neauoire My goal have been to inspire more people to look past our mundane existence and toward the starry sky - toward the unknown and the awe-inspiring.

Though in recent years I've started appreciating solid "honest work" that keeps our mundane existence stable more.

@neauoire There's so much I would like to say, but the first thing that comes to my mind right now is:

I want to make (less) computing for (more) people.

@neauoire it used to be some form of "contribute towards solving/alleviating the most important problems in the world", a la

now my worldview is less empiricist and ideals less clear, but my internal compass is still pointing towards:

- ally with others to help avert/alleviate the worst effects of the climate crisis
- achieve self-actualization (incrementally) and learn to express/document my complete self

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